‘Westworld’: Could William’s Little girl Emily Be a Host?

westworld season 3 could emily be a host

( Spoilers in advance for the April 5 episode of “Westworld” on HBO)

Today’s episode of “Westworld” might have offered us a response to the largest secret of period 3 so far, which actually simply implies it’s time to concentrate our focus on a brand-new secret that can be vital in the staying 4 episodes of the period.

I have not seen following week’s episode so I do not recognize just how our top priorities will certainly change progressing, yet it really feels quite as though we obtained a large brand-new nugget to eat on today: Emily (Katja Herbers). The actual Emily, up until now as we understand, is dead, fired in Westworld by her dad William (Ed Harris) in period 2. And also yet below she is one more time, tormenting William as he rests alone in his residence attempting to overcome what he did.

The very easy and also most evident method to translate this entire point is that she’s a hallucination caused by William’s sense of guilt and also injury. That is, nevertheless, just how William himself translates her presence. It’s easy to understand, considering he’s certainly having, at minimum, some strange desires. And also it’s those strange desires that become part of why I assume Emily is not simply in William’s head.

The episode opens up with among those desires. William searches for, sees blood on the light fixture over his head, and after that water ruptureds via the ceiling collapsing it and also bringing the bloody light fixture down on him. This is plainly not actually occurring. However after that William awakens. He’s dropped off to sleep in the bath tub with the water operating, and also it’s swamping his residence.

As Well As it’s just then that Emily turns up. Not in his desire, yet after he awakens.

At the end of this opening scene, Emily hands him a straight razor, and also urges him to slit his wrist with it. However he’s disrupted by the duplicate of Dolores that is staying in the Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) body. This is an essential minute for this concept, since the program really notably does disappoint, after Charlotte turns up, whether he in fact was holding that blade.

The language of recorded amusement determines that if Emily were a hallucination, we would certainly obtain a shot of William overlooking at his vacant hand there. However we really did not, which implies that, at least, Jonathan Nolan and also Lisa Delight desire us to question this.

Charlotte’s timing in this scene and also later on in the episode is really intriguing too. Especially at the end of the episode where she informs William that she understands about the entire Emily point. William presumes it simply implies that she was checking him by some ways, and also she rolls with it.

However it’s really intriguing that Charlotte would certainly time her brows through so completely, and after that make use of all that Emily things as a justification to have him dedicated to a psychological center. It’s nearly as though she was establishing him up during!

Currently, if Emily in fact is a host and also not a hallucination, after that it promises that she is the 4th and also last duplicate of Dolores. Which would certainly, subsequently, suggest that almost everyone remains in play currently. Which is great– we have actually just obtained 4 even more episodes to enter “Westworld” period 3, and also I’m delighted to see points actually begin to increase.

On the various other hand, there’s additionally the opportunity that this is a host duplicate of the actual Emily. We still have one gigantic secret remaining from period 2 which hasn’t actually been discussed this year. That being the identification of the actual human that Ford (Anthony Hopkins) had Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) make a pearl out of. If Ford was making a ready William throughout the uprising, after that this can conveniently be an extension of that.

However that’s simply a stab in the dark, since there have not been any type of ideas concerning that red pearl, actually because that scene when it was presented. “Westworld” simply place that available midway via period 2 and also hasn’t brought it up given that. So any type of assumption is an excellent assumption. I’m actually just bringing it up currently to advise you that’s a point that ideally will be handled quickly.